About Us

Venture out to some of the most pristine fishing waters on earth with Captain Teddy Pratt. A third generation Bahamian charter captain and guide, Captain Teddy grew up having the abundant waters of Nassau as his personal playground. Nassau, which is located in a tropical paradise called the Bahamas, provides sport-fishing enthusiasts with a fabulous fishing habitat during the winter and spring for wahoo, barracudas, king mackerel and numerous other fish.

 Throughout the Bahamas Capt. Pratt is known for his professionalism and knowledge of the waters around the islands. He is also known as the go-to guy to catch “that fish of a lifetime!” Being a competitive fisherman himself Capt. Teddy also fishes in several local tournaments to keep his skills sharpened which has resulted in a few wins. Captain Teddy possesses a unique intuition when it comes to locating fish. Teddy’s understanding of the sea is only part of his nature and enthusiasm, so an expedition with Capt. Teddy will not only bring in that prize catch but it will also be a memorable one!